Whats On Stage (Brighton) On Henry V:

The whole thing is brought into loud and bright reality by Ben Ormerod and David Gregory, who have designed the lighting and sound to perfectly augment each scene.

Sunday Express (Cheltenham) On The Winter’s Tale:

This isn’t just Shakespeare – this is rock and roll

MTA (Manchester) On Henry V:

Enough sound and fury to shame any Dolby-equipped multiplex.

British Theater Guide ( Watermill) On Henry V:

The battle scenes are full of energy and attack with convincing sound effects by David Gregory.

Sunday Express (Cheltenham) On Henry V:

with exemplary design, lighting and sound effects (the whizz of flying shrapnel makes you duck) this manages to promote both adrenalin-fuelled heroism and anti-war sentiments at the same time.

Evening Chronicle (Newcastle) On Richard III:

Blood Flows freely and the body bags pile up. Special effects are utilized very cleverly, and, along with David Gregory’s excellent sound design, they create a very engrossing Experience.

The British Theatre Guide on Wages of Thin (ORL):

The set by James Cotterill is exact, David Gregory’s sound design and Matthew Pitman’s lighting complement each other – when a train passes overhead the central light rattles and dims.

Spring Fringe Report on Ordinary Lads (ETC Theatre):

The play moves along at a pretty good pace, with some genuinely funny moments, and some imaginative pieces of sound design (David Gregory) to help vary the interest.

The Stage on Waiting for Romeo:

Nina Brazier’s direction brings the dichotomy of the sisters into stark relief while outside the war rages on, thanks to excellent sound design by David Gregory.